VR games guide


Virtual reality is not a new term. We keep hearing that in many different industries. However, the most popular sector that uses the virtual reality technology is entertainment, which is especially VR and AR games.

Virtual reality is a 3D image created by the computer. It is a completely new image, built from a scratch – that’s what differs virtual reality from augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) bases on already existing images, but changes them by adding completely new elements. The most popular example for using AR technology was a game in which users could catch small creatures appearing on their way, just using their smartphones.

Where are the AR and VR games created?

Games that are based on virtual or augmented reality technology are offered by many companies from all over the world. They are usually created by enthusiast who work in game development studios. Anyone who has an idea for a VR game and wants to put it into practice should ask gaming studio employees for that. All you need to do is tell them about your idea, set the details of its implementation and wait for the idea to be transformed into three-dimensional image.

The VR era

Year by year virtual reality gains more and more popularity. There are more VR and AR based apps being developed. What also influences the situation is that hardware for VR is becoming cheaper, which makes it more available for the users.


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