The easiest ways to get FuturoCoin

Easiest ways to get FuturoCoin -

FuturoCoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world. People are very interested in our coin. So, we want to remind you, how you can get FTO. There are a few easy ways to do that.

FuturoCoin is definitely worth buying, especially now, while the cryptocurrency market is still in the slump. It is wise to purchase your coins when the price is low. You probably see many people online talking about investing in digital assets. It has become a very popular trend over the recent few years. So, if you don’t have already cryptocurrencies, you should consider buying them now.

Before we even start talking about possible ways of acquiring FTO, you need to get our FuturoCoin wallet. It is the best way to store your digital assets, not only FuturoCoins, but also other cryptocurrencies. We offer three different wallets: Lightweight Electrum Wallet, Core Wallet, and Paper Wallet. If you want to learn what the distinctions between them are, check out our page.

The easiest way: cryptocurrency exchanges

The last 12 months have been a year of FuturoCoin. Our cryptocurrency made headlines one after another. FuturoCoin started only a little more than a year ago but we’ve already gained a lot of recognition. We’ve opened restaurants, where you can pay with FTO. We’ve launched FuturoCoin Academy. We prepared the best crypto and blockchain conference in Central Europe. Also, we’ve signed a groundbreaking deal. As the very first cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin is the official sponsor of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Formula One team.

Perhaps, our greatest achievement since the very beginning is entering more than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. We know that we have to be available if we want to conquer new markets. We are enlisted on CoinDeal, BitForex, BitBay, and several other trading platforms. That is the easiest way to purchase FTO. You just need to register on the exchange, which offers FuturoCoins and buy them using different digital coins or fiat money.

Other ways

You can get FuturoCoins through the mining process. The network consensus rewards miners for every block mined. You just need to have access to dedicated computer hardware and you can start earning from mining.

You can acquire FTOs in competitions and giveaways. We appreciate our community and we organised several contests within the last year. If you follow our social media and the newsroom, you will know when the next competition is about to start.

What is more, we have our ATMs. You can purchase FuturoCoins through them. Check our website to know more details. There are many ways to buy FuturoCoin, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the industry. You can choose, whichever means you want.

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