Verified Solutions – professional software studio handling cryptocurrencies technology

Solutions based on cryptocurrencies technology are being used by more and more companies in Poland, as well a abroad. 

What I mean are not only cryptocurrency purchase or exchange platforms, but also ICOs, apps, or websites based on blockchain technology. All these solutions are delivered to the companies by cryptocurrencies specialized software houses.

Verified Solutions software house is one of such software studios. The company based in Wrocław has been established few years ago by three friends, fascinated with new technologies, especially cryptocurrencies and solutions in cryptocurrencies technology.

Until now they have already created many known websites and apps connected to subject of cryptocurrencies. Those are:

  • Cryptocurrency payment processors, that give a possibility of purchasing cryptocurrencies in safe and easy way for users with credit cards, and also, enable an option of fast transactions.
  • Virtual wallets – applications for storing and managing cryptocurrencies bought by the user.
  • Applications for paying and accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • Educational exchange platform – platforms, on which users can learn how to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • News portals – thanks to those cryptocurrency world enthusiast can stay up to date with the latest news from Bitcoin world.

Are you looking for a software house specialized in cryptocurrencies? Check Verified Solutions!

Although the company is based in Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia, it doesn not mean that it doesn’t cooperate with companies from all over the Poland, as well as abroad. Right now the location of company’s headquarters doesn’t matter, because most of the issues with cryptocurrencies can be dealt remotely – through phone, or emails. That’s how most of cryptocurrency specialized software houses work.




Wrocław is a city of new technologies

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Wrocław is famous in Poland for its strong relationship with new technologies. The capital of Lower Silesia abounds in many highly regarded companies in the IT industry.

These companies, although based in Wrocław, cooperate with many clients from all over Poland. What’s more, some of them even create software for foreign companies. The best software houses deal with complex service of really complex projects.


What can we outsource to software houses?

Software houses usually deal with the design of websites for clients from many different industries. Having a professional website is important because it is the company’s most important business card on the Internet. So let’s ask for a design a company that not only knows what a well-built website should look like, but also do it comprehensively and reliably.

We should also commission a software house to create a dedicated mobile application or web application. Depending on the needs of the company, mobile and web applications can serve many different purposes. They should be created appropriately for their intended purpose, as well as for mobile applications in accordance with the device on which they will be used (we distinguish mobile applications for android and mobile applications for iOS). Time pressure and ever-increasing competition in many industries require companies to act quickly. That is why it is worth taking a look at the topic of companies designing mobile and web applications, and choose the one that will approach us professionally and matter-of-factly.


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What is better web applications or mobile applications?

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I need your advice because I do not know myself about topics related to IT myself.

I run a thriving Italian pizzeria in Wroclaw. Until now, we did not have food delivery options, but now we have introduced them. I would like to commission the design of an application thanks to which my clients will be able to order food and pay for the order immediately. What do you recommend – a web application or a mobile application?


Hey! There is probably no good answer to this question. Both applications for the computer and mobile applications have their advantages. The choice depends on what you care about the most. The web application is more universal, while the mobile application can be used anywhere. It seems to me that it would be best for you to design both, so that the food could be ordered while being at home, but also on the way home, eg from a bus. Having both a mobile application and an internet application complements each other. In addition, it is also a good signal for your clients that you are coming to meet them. It would be a good marketing move. Certainly, the number of your clients would increase significantly.

It’s nice that you’re from Wroclaw. In Wrocław, there are several really good software houses that create custom software. Contact one of them. Talk about what you need, what you care about and what budget you have. They comprehensively support projects, so they will certainly give you the best solution.


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