Cryptocurrency payments gateway for e-commerce


Both cryptocurrencies and online shopping is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It was just a matter of time when those two worlds collide.

Meeting the users’ expectations to have the possibility to pay for products and services with cryptocurrencies, a special tool has been created. It’s the cryptocurrency payment gateway.

To implement the cryptocurrency payment system on our website, we don’t have to meet any special requirements. We also don’t have to run a business, every single person can implement a gateway on their website. No specialist knowledge or programming experience is required as well. Some companies help us get through the process step by step.

Which cryptocurrencies can we pay with online?

The most innovative cryptocurrency payment systems support many other cryptocurrencies rather than only Bitcoin. We should first make sure that the chosen cryptocurrency payment gateway supports the cryptocurrency we are interested in. If not, surely there is a possibility of adding it – we should just ask.

What else can cryptocurrency payment gateways do?

The cryptocurrency payment gateway will be a good choice for crowdfunding. If we are active online, but we need funds to achieve some goal, we can place a plug-in on our website and ask the readers for help. This way, we can collect the needed money.

Great Success of FuturoCoin!


FuturoCoin – the crypto of the future

FuturoCoin is a cryptocurrency that was created at the beginning of 2018. The mission of this coin is to provide secure, anonymous and – most of all – fast transactions with low fee. FuturoCoin (FTO) is already a part of the cryptocurrency world, but not only due to the increasing amount of implementation on platforms. Thanks to that, FTO besides being an excellent digital asset to invest in, is also a cryptocurrency that fulfills the basic assumptions of this online type of money. Backed by developed community and ecosystem, the exchange rate of the coin of the future is rather stable, but smart investors can gain profit using FTO to trade.


Looking at the FuturoCoin’s chart, it can be deduced that this cryptocurrency is not only a great project with a huge community, but also is good to invest in. What’s more, due to high belief in continuous development, FTO is already listed on 7 big cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Right now, we can announce that FuturoCoin is honored to be listed on – still developing – platform which will be the 8th place where everyone can trade with FTO. The growing interest of traders is making our cryptocurrency popular!

As it was mentioned above, FuturoCoin is already available to trade on 7 platforms where it often hits the record liquidity. You can find it on,,, and where it is also paired to fiat currency EUR. A few months ago, FTO got also listed on and Our cryptocurrency is mostly paired with the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC), but also with the dollar (USD) and Ethereum (ETH).

8th cryptocurrency exchange platform

Now we can announce that FTO will also be available on the fresh cryptocurrency exchange platform called CryptoStock by DARB. It is a big honor to be listed from the very beginning of the exchange’s activity. It shows not only that FuturoCoin enjoys trust but also interest being considered as one of the cryptocurrencies that have to be available to trade from the start of the crypto platform. At this moment we can’t disclose more information, but follow us on Twitter to be up-to-date with the latest news about FTO. What’s more, if you need any help with FuturoCoin or want to talk about your investment and next move in trading world, join freshly created Telegram Group.

CryptoStock by DARB is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will allow everyone to trade with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, not only limiting itself to experienced traders. Among regular CRYPTO/CRYPTO pairs, there will also be available CRYPTO/FIAT and FIAT/FIAT pairs.

The developers of this platform are calling themselves “a grassroots community of people working on the mass adoption of blockchain based assets” highlighting that they want to put more focus on being the gateway for mass users to crypto world basing on the understatement of the market and current cryptocurrency situation.

How to create a cryptocurrency-centered community?


Hey everyone! Lately I came up with an idea to create a community that will be focused around the topic of cryptocurrencies.

I’m a big enthusiast myself and I’m missing a place where we could all swap tips from the world of cryptocurrencies. Informing each other about all the Bitcoin or Ethereum news. There’s a lot of portals on the internet that write about virtual currencies, but that’s not enough for me. I’d like people not only to comment on cryptocurrency articles but also create a nice community. Would you be interested in this form of communication? Any ideas how to create it?

All you need is a one cool Bitcoin news portal

Hi, I don’t know what’s the point of creating another website for gathering cryptocurrencies fans. There’s a lot of those already. Some of them actually give only an option of buying virtual money and informs about recent cryptocurrencies exchange rates. Some give only so-called Bitcoin or Litecoin news. I’ve been interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies from the very beginning, I invest in them myself and I even wonder about introducing cryptocurrencies payments in my business (I run an online store). A while ago I came across a really nice portal that merges all the features of other platforms. They write about news from cryptocurrency world, as well as events that are “must-go”. Personally thanks to that portal I stay up to date with everything, not only exchange rates. has also well-developed discussion group, where people swap cryptocurrency tips. Think twice about creating something new. Maybe it’s worth to start looking for information in advices in places, where you can actually find people interested in cryptocurrencies.


VR games guide


Virtual reality is not a new term. We keep hearing that in many different industries. However, the most popular sector that uses the virtual reality technology is entertainment, which is especially VR and AR games.

Virtual reality is a 3D image created by the computer. It is a completely new image, built from a scratch – that’s what differs virtual reality from augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) bases on already existing images, but changes them by adding completely new elements. The most popular example for using AR technology was a game in which users could catch small creatures appearing on their way, just using their smartphones.

Where are the AR and VR games created?

Games that are based on virtual or augmented reality technology are offered by many companies from all over the world. They are usually created by enthusiast who work in game development studios. Anyone who has an idea for a VR game and wants to put it into practice should ask gaming studio employees for that. All you need to do is tell them about your idea, set the details of its implementation and wait for the idea to be transformed into three-dimensional image.

The VR era

Year by year virtual reality gains more and more popularity. There are more VR and AR based apps being developed. What also influences the situation is that hardware for VR is becoming cheaper, which makes it more available for the users.


Verified Solutions – professional software studio handling cryptocurrencies technology

Solutions based on cryptocurrencies technology are being used by more and more companies in Poland, as well a abroad. 

What I mean are not only cryptocurrency purchase or exchange platforms, but also ICOs, apps, or websites based on blockchain technology. All these solutions are delivered to the companies by cryptocurrencies specialized software houses.

Verified Solutions software house is one of such software studios. The company based in Wrocław has been established few years ago by three friends, fascinated with new technologies, especially cryptocurrencies and solutions in cryptocurrencies technology.

Until now they have already created many known websites and apps connected to subject of cryptocurrencies. Those are:

  • Cryptocurrency payment processors, that give a possibility of purchasing cryptocurrencies in safe and easy way for users with credit cards, and also, enable an option of fast transactions.
  • Virtual wallets – applications for storing and managing cryptocurrencies bought by the user.
  • Applications for paying and accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • Educational exchange platform – platforms, on which users can learn how to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • News portals – thanks to those cryptocurrency world enthusiast can stay up to date with the latest news from Bitcoin world.

Are you looking for a software house specialized in cryptocurrencies? Check Verified Solutions!

Although the company is based in Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia, it doesn not mean that it doesn’t cooperate with companies from all over the Poland, as well as abroad. Right now the location of company’s headquarters doesn’t matter, because most of the issues with cryptocurrencies can be dealt remotely – through phone, or emails. That’s how most of cryptocurrency specialized software houses work.




FuturoCoin Rocks On 7 Exchanges!

futurocoin - success has no limit

FuturoCoin achieves a great success. Right now, this young cryptocurrency is already listed on 7 popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms and it’s doing more than well.

About FuturoCoin (FTO)

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a cryptocurrency which provides instant transactions with the constant transaction’s fee. Using FTO will simplify making transactions from every place in the world. Based on the general assumptions of cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without third-party authorities. That means that every transaction is carried out by the network – not by one person. This solution provides the highest security of conducted transactions.

FTO is gaining fabulous successes day by day. In only last 2 months, our cryptocurrency has been listed on six new comparison services, (included well known CoinMarketCap and Feixiaohao) and 3 BIG exchanges! The interest in our digital currency is rising day by day. We can notice that in the growing market capitalization as well as high price and a huge 24h volume. In June, FTO has broken the 3 000 000 $ barrier of average daily volume. Moreover, FTO hash rate is the second biggest, next to Dash, hashing power on the X11 algorithm. Not enough? FuturoCoin has been placed as 30th in terms of market capitalization from thousands of cryptocurrencies. These numbers are a hard proof that our amazing community can leave an imprint on the whole cryptocurrency market.

Where to trade FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin is already available to trade on great cryptocurrency exchange platforms like:


Thanks to that, FTO is tradable offering high liquidity on, mentioned above, platforms. FuturoCoin is mostly paired with Bitcoin (BTC), dollar (USD) and Ethereum (ETH).

Development of FuturoCoin

Behind the great success of FTO is the constant development of the project. In the timeline presented on official project’s website are events like CoinOFFMine – mobile game to mine crypto, FuturoDice – cryptocurrency gambling or ATMs supporting FuturoCoin.

The future with FuturoCoin is closer than you think. Fast development, instant transactions and the highest level of security – this is the project. This is FuturoCoin.

Check FuturoCoin’s social media channels to be up-to-date with the latest information about the cryptocurrency!


Affiliate programs for Bitcoin buyers


Hello everyone! Lately one of my friends informed me that it is possible to gain some extra money on buying Bitcoin.

She said something about bounty program, but I don’t really know any more details. Did any of you tried these programs for people who buy Bitcoin? How does it work? I’d love to know, since I regularly buy BTC myself and invest it in other cryptocurrencies. If it’s possible to earn something extra then I’m more than willing to use that opportunity. Can you tell me how can I participate in such thing?

Recommend and earn

Hey there! The case is really simple. Partner program (usually called affiliate program) that your friend was talking about is a classical recommendation system. Do you have a friend that plans to buy Bitcoin? You recommend him the same site that you use for buying Bitcoins, and if your friend decides to register and buy Bitcoin there, you will receive a part of his transaction fee. The percent that you can get is different, depending on the platform that you use. The best option I’ve come across so far is 20% of the transaction fee from the BTC bought. I used to use this system for a while know. I run an online blog about investing in cryptocurrencies and I’ve been buying Bitcoin for a while now, on one platform. I got the banner from them, which I placed on my website. The reflink is hooked up to the banner. I get a percent of fee from every transaction from a person that used my reflink to register. It’s a really good deal, because I recommend the platform I buy my BTC on, and I can also earn some more money on that.


Buy Bitcoin online on:

Wrocław is a city of new technologies

technology, industry, IT

Wrocław is famous in Poland for its strong relationship with new technologies. The capital of Lower Silesia abounds in many highly regarded companies in the IT industry.

These companies, although based in Wrocław, cooperate with many clients from all over Poland. What’s more, some of them even create software for foreign companies. The best software houses deal with complex service of really complex projects.


What can we outsource to software houses?

Software houses usually deal with the design of websites for clients from many different industries. Having a professional website is important because it is the company’s most important business card on the Internet. So let’s ask for a design a company that not only knows what a well-built website should look like, but also do it comprehensively and reliably.

We should also commission a software house to create a dedicated mobile application or web application. Depending on the needs of the company, mobile and web applications can serve many different purposes. They should be created appropriately for their intended purpose, as well as for mobile applications in accordance with the device on which they will be used (we distinguish mobile applications for android and mobile applications for iOS). Time pressure and ever-increasing competition in many industries require companies to act quickly. That is why it is worth taking a look at the topic of companies designing mobile and web applications, and choose the one that will approach us professionally and matter-of-factly.


MOREFROMIT sp. z o.o.
50-062 WROCŁAW
Get in touch:

What is better web applications or mobile applications?

mobile applications, smartphone, it,

I need your advice because I do not know myself about topics related to IT myself.

I run a thriving Italian pizzeria in Wroclaw. Until now, we did not have food delivery options, but now we have introduced them. I would like to commission the design of an application thanks to which my clients will be able to order food and pay for the order immediately. What do you recommend – a web application or a mobile application?


Hey! There is probably no good answer to this question. Both applications for the computer and mobile applications have their advantages. The choice depends on what you care about the most. The web application is more universal, while the mobile application can be used anywhere. It seems to me that it would be best for you to design both, so that the food could be ordered while being at home, but also on the way home, eg from a bus. Having both a mobile application and an internet application complements each other. In addition, it is also a good signal for your clients that you are coming to meet them. It would be a good marketing move. Certainly, the number of your clients would increase significantly.

It’s nice that you’re from Wroclaw. In Wrocław, there are several really good software houses that create custom software. Contact one of them. Talk about what you need, what you care about and what budget you have. They comprehensively support projects, so they will certainly give you the best solution.


How to invest in Bitcoin?!

How to invest in Bitcoin?

Hey! I need your advice.

For a long time, I have been watching what is happening with Bitcoin in the world. How its value increases (observing cryptocurrency exchange rates is very exciting lately!), where new places where you can pay cryptocurrencies are appearing. I am reading about all those who have earned huge amounts of money from investing Bitcoin and I must admit that I envy them a little bit. Recently, I have an idea in my mind to invest in cryptocurrency. I know, however, that it is not enough to just watch the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies … You know some tutorials on how to invest in cryptocurrency. I know that there are a lot of guides on the Internet – how to mine Bitcoins, etc. Maybe there are similar ones regarding investing in a cryptocurrency?


Stay up to date – read news from the world of cryptocurrency

Hey! You know, investing in BTC is just like investing in other currencies. I do not think there are universal guides that will work anytime, anywhere. You must be up to date – this is probably the only advice. Check cryptocurrency rates regularly. Read as much as possible from the world of cryptocurrencies. Find your favorite portal with all Bitcoin news and read what’s happening with crypto in the world. The best websites about cryptocurrencies always have internet forums. Look there too. Read what users write about – they are already investing, so you can learn the most from them. If you have any questions, ask me too. Experienced users are the best guide from the world of cryptocurrencies!

Check cryptocurrency news


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