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What a time to be a crypto holder! The recent growth of cryptocurrencies’ prices breathed fresh air into the industry. A conviction that the crypto crisis is over. What does that increase suggest? The answer is simple: buy your coins right now! This is a story in four chapters.

“April come she will when streams are ripe and swelled with rain…”

The fall

The cryptocurrency has been developing for over ten years. The first few years weren’t marked by fast progress. It was more like building foundations on solid ground. Until 2014, only geeks and freaks knew what Bitcoin or altcoin was.

Stable growth lasted till 2017. It was a groundbreaking year. Everything changed. The world already knew what cryptocurrencies were. Many new cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, and other crypto-related ventures emerged, including BuyCoinNow. The industry seemed ready for a big leap.

In the mid-November 2017, Bitcoin was worth a little over $6,000, but a month later it went as high as $20,000. That was the time of prosperity. 

Of course, that kind of level wasn’t sustainable, at least at that time, so the price of every crypto started to decline. The price of BTC dropped to around $6,000 in September and stabilized itself.

But at the end of 2018, the market crashed. The prices took a tumble. That how the fall in the cryptocurrency industry looked like.

The winter

The season of snow and Santa Claus wasn’t so good for the digital coin industry. It was really freezing. One day after another, we heard about the fall of Bitcoin and the whole market. Allegedly, the most popular cryptocurrency “died” several times during that period.

It was a real test of nerves, a real trial. It lasted almost half a year, but the industry survived the crisis. It means that the cryptocurrency world is legit. Until the last six months, many people believed that digital coins were just a soap bubble, which would burst during the first serious pressure, the first severe troubles. As it turned out, the industry got through the winter. The patient is not only alive, but he is again well enough to breathe the fall air. The long-frozen times are already behind us.

The spring

Bitcoin price have tried to pick up for months. Nothing happened really, until the beginning of the spring. While nature was reviving, the most popular cryptocurrency got fresh juice. At the start of April, Bitcoin went from $4,100 to $5,200. It happened in a matter of two days. 

The BTC chart climbed higher and higher, and in May it passed $8,000 milestone (it went even as high as $8320 for one BTC). Now the price took down a peg or two. And that gave us a perfect occasion to write that article.

Why? Just because now is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies. It really is. The winter is over. Almost every analysis suggests that the price for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and any other digital money should go up. Because of that, you should consider using BuyCoinNow, purchase cryptocurrencies, and secure your future. The best moment for it is now, while the price of BTC dropped. Such an opportunity may not happen again. You don’t want to be one of those people, who bought their coins at the peak in December 2017, just because they hesitated whether to do that earlier.

Don’t wait, make it happen. We started this article with a line from lyrics of the greats Simon & Garfunkel’s song about spring. The song starts in April, but it suggests to hurry up and appreciate the spring while it lasts. As certain is the fact that leaves will appear again on the trees, as sure is that the crypto spring will come to an end. So don’t wait and remember that “July, she will fly, and give no warning to her flight.”

The summer

The last chapter depends on you. This is your story, and you are responsible for ending. Will it be a happy one? Or is it a sad story of missed opportunities? The harvest season begins in summer. You can feel it in the air that it is coming. Are you ready to bear fruit?

If you listened to our advice in the previous paragraph, you should be sitting in a comfortable chair and wait for the growth of the price of your cryptocurrencies. It is really that simple. Now is the time to go to BuyCoinNow, purchase some digital coins and wait for the best time to sell them. Don’t wait for the summer to plant the seed because it will be too late then. It is going to be a hot summer. You don’t want to miss it. Buy now and don’t regret in the future!

When everybody celebrates success, you don’t want to sing:

“I got that sum­mer­time, sum­mer­time sad­ness.”

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