FuturoCoin Conference – let’s live it again


The big event that we all waited for is behind us but we would like to sum it up. What happened during the first international conference organised by FuturoCoin? The list goes on and on.

The big day

For those of you who do not know, FuturoCoin Conference was an international event organised by FuturoCoin to celebrate the first anniversary of the cryptocurrency. It took place in Warsaw on 28th February. Now the time has come to summarise and relive it, because it certainly was a very special day for every cryptolover out there.

The thoroughly prepared agenda

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you probably know how important the schedule is. FuturoCoin’s team took a long time to prepare the agenda and to make sure that the lectures are going to be interesting for the attendants. The speakers were carefully selected specialists from Poland and many other countries. They spoke about many modern-day issues like the crypto regulations and the wide adoption of digital assets.

Great experience

The event took place in a very nice scenery of Jabłkowscy Brothers House, where there was enough space for everybody interested. Many attendants came from distant places to experience the special ambiance of the FuturoCoin Conference. It was the first ever conference coordinated by the FTO team. This cryptocurrency has only been on the market for just over a year but its adoption and popularity is really impressive. And the scale of this event was proof of that.

The beginning

The Conference was opened by Michał Kobosko, a well-known Polish business journalist. Then, the fun part began. First, there was a speech about the possibility of providing ourselves with retirement pension thanks to cryptocurrency investments. Later, the audience was informed about how digital assets work in practice, how the technology has been adopted by the society and what the future of crypto technology is. During the conference, the idea of blockchain was also thoroughly discussed. Topics like best locations for developing blockchain projects and the concept of Enterprise Blockchain were raised.

“This year, 2019, is probably going to be the year of the enterprise blockchain.” said Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, during his speech.

The most important things

Later, the audience heard a speech about cryptocurrency regulations. The legal framework is an important matter that not always is properly explained. During the conference, everyone had the opportunity to listen and learn more on this topic. At the end, two very important speeches took place. The first one was about the Formula One partnership that FuturoCoin signed at the beginning of February. The next speech was by Paulina Woźniak – CEO FuturoCoin OU. She presented what FuturoCoin has already achieved and what the plans for the future are. She also assured: “I can promise that you will be very surprised in the next few months with the development of FuturoCoin.”


During the conference, there were breaks, when the audience was able to meet the speakers, discuss and relax. Also, FuturoCoin prepared a special contest during which one of the attendants managed to win a brand new tablet. After the conference, there was an afterparty in the Aurelio restaurant in Warsaw, which is one of the two FuturoCoin-powered places launched by the FTO team.

The summary

Probably everyone who attended the FuturoCoin Conference will agree that it was a very special experience. We genuinely hope there will be more events like that because there is always something more to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Quoting one of the FuturoCoin speakers, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry: “Investing in crypto has got to be a part of your future.”

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