The easiest ways to get FuturoCoin

Easiest ways to get FuturoCoin -

FuturoCoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world. People are very interested in our coin. So, we want to remind you, how you can get FTO. There are a few easy ways to do that.

FuturoCoin is definitely worth buying, especially now, while the cryptocurrency market is still in the slump. It is wise to purchase your coins when the price is low. You probably see many people online talking about investing in digital assets. It has become a very popular trend over the recent few years. So, if you don’t have already cryptocurrencies, you should consider buying them now.

Before we even start talking about possible ways of acquiring FTO, you need to get our FuturoCoin wallet. It is the best way to store your digital assets, not only FuturoCoins, but also other cryptocurrencies. We offer three different wallets: Lightweight Electrum Wallet, Core Wallet, and Paper Wallet. If you want to learn what the distinctions between them are, check out our page.

The easiest way: cryptocurrency exchanges

The last 12 months have been a year of FuturoCoin. Our cryptocurrency made headlines one after another. FuturoCoin started only a little more than a year ago but we’ve already gained a lot of recognition. We’ve opened restaurants, where you can pay with FTO. We’ve launched FuturoCoin Academy. We prepared the best crypto and blockchain conference in Central Europe. Also, we’ve signed a groundbreaking deal. As the very first cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin is the official sponsor of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Formula One team.

Perhaps, our greatest achievement since the very beginning is entering more than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. We know that we have to be available if we want to conquer new markets. We are enlisted on CoinDeal, BitForex, BitBay, and several other trading platforms. That is the easiest way to purchase FTO. You just need to register on the exchange, which offers FuturoCoins and buy them using different digital coins or fiat money.

Other ways

You can get FuturoCoins through the mining process. The network consensus rewards miners for every block mined. You just need to have access to dedicated computer hardware and you can start earning from mining.

You can acquire FTOs in competitions and giveaways. We appreciate our community and we organised several contests within the last year. If you follow our social media and the newsroom, you will know when the next competition is about to start.

What is more, we have our ATMs. You can purchase FuturoCoins through them. Check our website to know more details. There are many ways to buy FuturoCoin, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the industry. You can choose, whichever means you want.

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FuturoCoin Conference – let’s live it again


The big event that we all waited for is behind us but we would like to sum it up. What happened during the first international conference organised by FuturoCoin? The list goes on and on.

The big day

For those of you who do not know, FuturoCoin Conference was an international event organised by FuturoCoin to celebrate the first anniversary of the cryptocurrency. It took place in Warsaw on 28th February. Now the time has come to summarise and relive it, because it certainly was a very special day for every cryptolover out there.

The thoroughly prepared agenda

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you probably know how important the schedule is. FuturoCoin’s team took a long time to prepare the agenda and to make sure that the lectures are going to be interesting for the attendants. The speakers were carefully selected specialists from Poland and many other countries. They spoke about many modern-day issues like the crypto regulations and the wide adoption of digital assets.

Great experience

The event took place in a very nice scenery of Jabłkowscy Brothers House, where there was enough space for everybody interested. Many attendants came from distant places to experience the special ambiance of the FuturoCoin Conference. It was the first ever conference coordinated by the FTO team. This cryptocurrency has only been on the market for just over a year but its adoption and popularity is really impressive. And the scale of this event was proof of that.

The beginning

The Conference was opened by Michał Kobosko, a well-known Polish business journalist. Then, the fun part began. First, there was a speech about the possibility of providing ourselves with retirement pension thanks to cryptocurrency investments. Later, the audience was informed about how digital assets work in practice, how the technology has been adopted by the society and what the future of crypto technology is. During the conference, the idea of blockchain was also thoroughly discussed. Topics like best locations for developing blockchain projects and the concept of Enterprise Blockchain were raised.

“This year, 2019, is probably going to be the year of the enterprise blockchain.” said Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, during his speech.

The most important things

Later, the audience heard a speech about cryptocurrency regulations. The legal framework is an important matter that not always is properly explained. During the conference, everyone had the opportunity to listen and learn more on this topic. At the end, two very important speeches took place. The first one was about the Formula One partnership that FuturoCoin signed at the beginning of February. The next speech was by Paulina Woźniak – CEO FuturoCoin OU. She presented what FuturoCoin has already achieved and what the plans for the future are. She also assured: “I can promise that you will be very surprised in the next few months with the development of FuturoCoin.”


During the conference, there were breaks, when the audience was able to meet the speakers, discuss and relax. Also, FuturoCoin prepared a special contest during which one of the attendants managed to win a brand new tablet. After the conference, there was an afterparty in the Aurelio restaurant in Warsaw, which is one of the two FuturoCoin-powered places launched by the FTO team.

The summary

Probably everyone who attended the FuturoCoin Conference will agree that it was a very special experience. We genuinely hope there will be more events like that because there is always something more to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Quoting one of the FuturoCoin speakers, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry: “Investing in crypto has got to be a part of your future.”

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The place to collect your digital assets


Where to store digital assets? What kind of place to choose? Is it free? Where to find it? How to use it? What it really is? This article is a short guide of wallets available to FuturoCoin.

Every cryptocurrency owner needs a place to deposit his/her coins. The crypto industry came with the idea of digital wallets. This article will shed some light on that solution.

Core wallets

From the very beginning, crypto inventors wanted to create a straightforward wallet where crypto investors could store their coins. The simplest way to achieve that was to pack the whole network in the development. Cryptocurrencies are kept on a digital record known as the blockchain.

A core wallet is exactly that. It contains the entire blockchain as opposed to other solutions where some trust must to third parties must be engaged. It means that to get the core wallet on your computer, you have to download a huge amount of data. So, you need to reserve the space on your hardware to own the whole history of the network. The blockchain is maintained by at least thousands of people all over the world. The digital record is growing day by day. For instance, the FuturoCoin’s core wallet requires roughly 350 MB on your computer.

Lightweight (electrum) wallets

Most of the wallets require to bring the whole blockchain on the computer. However, not everyone wants to give up his/her hardware space to a wallet. Electrum came with the idea of creating a lighter and even more minimalistic wallet. Crypto owners don’t have to store the entire blockchain history. Instead, they can download only a small part of blockchain and the rest left on servers run by others.

With the largest cryptocurrencies, downloading the blockchain can take a few days or even a week. Electrum wallet does not require the whole data. It gets information from external servers; thanks to that it is very safe. Imagine if somebody hacks one of the servers (it’s tough to do, but possible). The program still has other services, from which it can take the data. FTO offers a lightweight wallet written in Python, which provides simplicity of use low requirements and fast installation.

To sum up, the lightweight wallet is safe, quick, and the most efficient of all wallets.

Paper wallets

‘Paper’ may sound strange in the context of the world’s most advanced and digitized industry. However, crypto also means the most secure and anonymous.

A paper wallet is designed for people who have a habit of storing their secret data, e.g. passwords on paper. Actual paper. What does that really mean?

It’s pretty simple. Every user of that solution gets two keys: a private one and a public one. A public key can be imagine as a bank account – everyone can see this number but only owner can transfer the money inside. A private key is only for the crypto owner. It is created via the process of randomisation. The program forms usually the 32-bytes number, which is almost impossible to hack (it is much, much more probable to win three times in the lottery on the same day during a cyclone than to break that key). A currency holder can print that code and store it in a safe.

A paper wallet is the most analog solution. On our website, you can download the paper wallet.

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A Brief History Of (Cryptocurrency) Time


We created our coin at the beginning of 2018. The time for celebration will come. But today, we’re taking you on a journey back in time.

Time, when FTO simply didn’t exist. Time, when the cryptocurrency world was still considered as a passing trend, which would last only a couple of months.

We could go back to 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto published his manifesto. Many people perceive this moment as the start of the crypto era. However, the basic concept had been created many years earlier.

Beginning of blockchain

We have to go back to 1995. It was the year when “Friends” had been on air only for a few months, people called other people from phone booths, nobody knew what Facebook was, and MC Hammer was the coolest guy on Earth. Also in that year, Tim May made the call to the Cypherpunks group and asked them to invent a decentralized digital currency. Amongst other members of the group who responded to that call were: Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Adam Back and Tim May.

They started a few projects like Bmoney, Hashash and BitGold. However, none of them were successful.

Years later, when Joey Tribbiani was outdated to say the least, and crisis absorbed the world, Mr. Nakamoto made the call to the Cypherpunks group and asked them to invent a  decentralized digital currency. Once again, amongst other members of the group who responded to the call were: Adam Back, Hal Finney and Nick Szabo.

On October 31st, 2008 Nakamoto, who designed Bitcoin, published a paper that set the ball rolling: Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System. On January 3rd, 2009, the revolution began with the mining of the first Bitcoin block or the genesis block.

To the sky and beyond the stars

We are teleporting to 2010. Laszlo Hanyecz wanted to eat something. He ordered two pizzas from Papa John’s. They cost him 10,000 BTC! That many bitcoins today would be worth more than $55 million. However, Hanyecz has no regrets about this decision to this very day.

In 2011, other cryptocurrencies were created. Litecoin, Namecoin and Swiftcoin made their debut.

In 2014 Microsoft and few other firms started accepting payments in virtual currency.

2015 was another important year. Back then, Ethereum was created. That was the year when cryptocurrencies become a lot more mainstream. More companies allowed their users to pay with virtual coins.

From then, Bitcoin has split into two derivative currencies: BTC and Bitcoin Cash. Many countries introduced new laws concerning the blockchain and crypto industry. Joey Tribbiani remains forgotten and we moved on to 2018 when FuturoCoin was created. That’s the short story of cryptocurrencies.

FTO is changing the world

FuturoCoin is getting more popular day by day. We are making a lot of buzz on the crypto market. As you may know, we developed our own coin as an answer to the fast growth of the market. Crypto world is still searching for more secure and quicker cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to answer the needs of the market. We are an electronic peer-to-peer system that gives its users instant transactions.

That was the story about past times. Now, we are focusing on the future, as it is wide open for cryptocurrencies. It is up to you, where the crypto world will be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years.

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Great Success of FuturoCoin!


FuturoCoin – the crypto of the future

FuturoCoin is a cryptocurrency that was created at the beginning of 2018. The mission of this coin is to provide secure, anonymous and – most of all – fast transactions with low fee. FuturoCoin (FTO) is already a part of the cryptocurrency world, but not only due to the increasing amount of implementation on platforms. Thanks to that, FTO besides being an excellent digital asset to invest in, is also a cryptocurrency that fulfills the basic assumptions of this online type of money. Backed by developed community and ecosystem, the exchange rate of the coin of the future is rather stable, but smart investors can gain profit using FTO to trade.


Looking at the FuturoCoin’s chart, it can be deduced that this cryptocurrency is not only a great project with a huge community, but also is good to invest in. What’s more, due to high belief in continuous development, FTO is already listed on 7 big cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Right now, we can announce that FuturoCoin is honored to be listed on – still developing – platform which will be the 8th place where everyone can trade with FTO. The growing interest of traders is making our cryptocurrency popular!

As it was mentioned above, FuturoCoin is already available to trade on 7 platforms where it often hits the record liquidity. You can find it on,,, and where it is also paired to fiat currency EUR. A few months ago, FTO got also listed on and Our cryptocurrency is mostly paired with the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC), but also with the dollar (USD) and Ethereum (ETH).

8th cryptocurrency exchange platform

Now we can announce that FTO will also be available on the fresh cryptocurrency exchange platform called CryptoStock by DARB. It is a big honor to be listed from the very beginning of the exchange’s activity. It shows not only that FuturoCoin enjoys trust but also interest being considered as one of the cryptocurrencies that have to be available to trade from the start of the crypto platform. At this moment we can’t disclose more information, but follow us on Twitter to be up-to-date with the latest news about FTO. What’s more, if you need any help with FuturoCoin or want to talk about your investment and next move in trading world, join freshly created Telegram Group.

CryptoStock by DARB is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will allow everyone to trade with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, not only limiting itself to experienced traders. Among regular CRYPTO/CRYPTO pairs, there will also be available CRYPTO/FIAT and FIAT/FIAT pairs.

The developers of this platform are calling themselves “a grassroots community of people working on the mass adoption of blockchain based assets” highlighting that they want to put more focus on being the gateway for mass users to crypto world basing on the understatement of the market and current cryptocurrency situation.

FuturoCoin Rocks On 7 Exchanges!

futurocoin - success has no limit

FuturoCoin achieves a great success. Right now, this young cryptocurrency is already listed on 7 popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms and it’s doing more than well.

About FuturoCoin (FTO)

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a cryptocurrency which provides instant transactions with the constant transaction’s fee. Using FTO will simplify making transactions from every place in the world. Based on the general assumptions of cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without third-party authorities. That means that every transaction is carried out by the network – not by one person. This solution provides the highest security of conducted transactions.

FTO is gaining fabulous successes day by day. In only last 2 months, our cryptocurrency has been listed on six new comparison services, (included well known CoinMarketCap and Feixiaohao) and 3 BIG exchanges! The interest in our digital currency is rising day by day. We can notice that in the growing market capitalization as well as high price and a huge 24h volume. In June, FTO has broken the 3 000 000 $ barrier of average daily volume. Moreover, FTO hash rate is the second biggest, next to Dash, hashing power on the X11 algorithm. Not enough? FuturoCoin has been placed as 30th in terms of market capitalization from thousands of cryptocurrencies. These numbers are a hard proof that our amazing community can leave an imprint on the whole cryptocurrency market.

Where to trade FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin is already available to trade on great cryptocurrency exchange platforms like:


Thanks to that, FTO is tradable offering high liquidity on, mentioned above, platforms. FuturoCoin is mostly paired with Bitcoin (BTC), dollar (USD) and Ethereum (ETH).

Development of FuturoCoin

Behind the great success of FTO is the constant development of the project. In the timeline presented on official project’s website are events like CoinOFFMine – mobile game to mine crypto, FuturoDice – cryptocurrency gambling or ATMs supporting FuturoCoin.

The future with FuturoCoin is closer than you think. Fast development, instant transactions and the highest level of security – this is the project. This is FuturoCoin.

Check FuturoCoin’s social media channels to be up-to-date with the latest information about the cryptocurrency!


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